VPSPro status

As some of you may already know, we’ve had plans for launching a new product called VPSPro. It’s actually beefed up VPS’s with the option to run Windows on it. We think they will complement our VPS product well.

We’ve now deployed the first node for running VPSPro instances, and the next one is being deployed as of this writing. We’ve had some problems with the installation of Windows on the first instances. Windows Server 2003 is not a problem, but we haven’t had any luck with Windows Server 2008.

As a test we’ve installed OpenSolaris (well, actually Nexenta OS) as well, and it was running smoothly. But that will not be a supported OS yet. We’ll start out with Debian GNU/Linux and Windows Server 2003.

Some of the features are still on the planning board – options for more storage, snapshot backups and the ability to do live migrations are some of the features we’re looking at.

So even though it’s not on our website yet, you are welcome to call us at +45 70 202 407 and ask for more information or place your order. We’re working on a solution  for ordering more easily than it’s possible now. More on that later.

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