New mx setup

Many of you customers have used our outgoing mailrelay server It is a server that handles two simple things: Relaying mail for those servers that can’t handle that on their own, and doing DNS lookups for hosted, dedicated and virtual servers.

Last week, while I was away on an extended weekend, the server was so hard on work, that our surveilance system’s alarm bells was ringing frequently. I couldn’t do much from where I was, so it wasn’t until this monday, that we actually could provide a permanent fix.

What I did was simple: I set up an A record for, pointing to two identical servers that was configured to relay mail for our customers. So now you can use and the load will be spread across 2 servers for now, and soon 3-4 servers.

I know this kind of RRDNS load balancing is not that great, but it solves the problem for now and we’re not expecting the load to rise abnormally. We’ll keep an eye on this setup and adapt a more effective loadbalancing if it’s needed.

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