LISA08 Day 3

You might wonder why I haven’t covered day 2 of the conference, but actually i had a “day off” yesterday – I wasn’t attending anything. Instead I went to the fitness center to do a workout in the morning, and in the afternoon I took the local trolley to The Old Town and a bus from there to Pacific Beach, where I had a nice view of the sunset. Quite nice.

Today was a more “heavy” training day. In the morning I was attending “Advanced Shell Scripting.” It was a nice training session, with an instructor called Mike Ciavarella. He had a good sense of humor, a good knowledge of the subject and his material was very comprehensive. He provided me with answers to all the questions I’ve had, during the times when I have had to sit down and write a shell script with more than 5 to 10 lines of code.

In the afternoon it was the same instructor, but a different subject: “Documentation Techniques for the System Administrator.” Again he provided some good basic knowledge on how and why to write good documentation, and a list of good tools to support the work.

Tomorrow will be slightly different. There will be workshops (which I don’t attend) and Tech Talks which I can cherry pick. I have some that I absolutely has to attend but other than that it’ll be whatever I feel like listening to.

One completely different thing: I keep waking up at 5am in the morning, with difficulty of getting back to sleep again which I’m kind of tired of right now. Every evening I go to bed completely exhausted, but nevertheless I wake up at 5 again. I hope this morning was the last time, as I’m not able to keep on without a proper amount of sleep.

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