LISA08 – day 1

I’ve now finished my first day at the LISA conference. It has been quite interesting, and I have a lot of input I have to filter and digest.

In the morning, I attended a training program called “Management 101: Effective Communication Tools for Sysadmins.” It was basically about communication, with your boss, your colleagues, users and everyone else you get in contact with as a System Administrator. They provided us with some tools to improve ones ability to communicate more effectively, both ...

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VPSPro status

As some of you may already know, we’ve had plans for launching a new product called VPSPro. It’s actually beefed up VPS’s with the option to run Windows on it. We think they will complement our VPS product well.

We’ve now deployed the first node for running VPSPro instances, and the next one is being deployed as of this writing. We’ve had some problems with the installation of Windows on the first instances. Windows Server 2003 is not a problem, but ...

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See you at the Opensource Days conference?

This year we’ll have a booth in the exhibition area at the Linuxforum, erh, Opensource Days, conference as usual. You can find us at booth A2. The date for the conference is the 3rd and 4th of October.

If you like to discuss something related to your Umbraco installation, VPS or any of our other products – or just want to meet us in person – you’re welcome to stop by our booth. Or attend my Lightning talk at ...

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Lightning talk about Puppet on Open Source Days 08

My application for a timeslot in the Lightning Talks session at this years Open Source Days conference (formerly LinuxForum) has been accepted. The talk will be titled “From Sysadmin to Puppetmaster” and will be about how Puppet has changed the way I do system administration these days.

No precise time has been announced yet, but you can get more info when it’s released on the Open Source Days site.

Update: Now the precise time is announced – Saturday, ...

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New mx setup

Many of you customers have used our outgoing mailrelay server It is a server that handles two simple things: Relaying mail for those servers that can’t handle that on their own, and doing DNS lookups for hosted, dedicated and virtual servers.

Last week, while I was away on an extended weekend, the server was so hard on work, that our surveilance system’s alarm bells was ringing frequently. I couldn’t do much from where I was, so it wasn’t until this ...

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Weblog theme – continued

It’s been a couple of months since I announced that we were working on a new theme for the blog, and nothing has happened yet. Well, not on the surface anyway.

Because actually we have tried to take the layout from our website, and convert it to a blog theme, but it just didn’t work. Our website’s layout doesn’t fit a weblog well. So we’re thinking about making a completely different theme for this blog.

But this talk about themes and the ...

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Blog theme

Because we’re very eager to get this blog in the air, we’ve actually started posting before our own blog theme is finished. As one of the first assignments, we’ve asked our new employee, Jacob, to make a theme that resembles our public website.

Until it’s finished, we’ll use one of the themes from WordPress’ themes directory. Hope you’ll bear with it until Jacob is finished.

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New employee in Fab:IT

On April 1., we’ve welcomed Jacob Stokholm as a new employee in Fab:IT. He’s a .NET developer and will eventually be responsible for all our Umbraco hosting. With his employment it’s our goal to raise the quality of that product, so posts like this one is not becoming an everyday occurrence.

Futhermore we want him to be responsible for our website, Windows server provisioning and administration, and let him develop and enhance some of our administrative webtools.

Jacob is being introduced to ...

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Welcome to our new blog!

In the last couple of years, we’ve wanted to have a blog in Fab:IT. Now it has become a reality. Not as a part of our website, but as a separate site running on a separate server.

The purpose of this blog, is to let our customers have a deeper insight of what is going on in Fab:IT, what new products we’re working on, and make it easier for everyone to participate in an ongoing conversation about our existing products and ...

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