[DK] Vi er blevet gazelle i år!

Gazelle 09

I fredags modtog vi den gode nyhed:

Vi troede ikke det var lykkedes for os at komme med, eftersom det er over et halvt år siden vi blev kontaktet af Greens analyseinstitut og “advaret” om at det kunne ske. Men det lykkedes altså. Nu mangler vi bare det fysiske bevis: Gazellediplomet.


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Special offer on VPSForce – 50% off the normal price!

We’re now offering our VPS product at 50% off the normal price in a limited time period. The new site has been up for 2 weeks now, and we’re so happy about it. So happy, that we drop the price so it’s even more affordable for you to get your own VPS, running Windows or Linux. Order while it lasts!

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Upgrade your VPS-X to Lenny

If you are an existing customer and rents a VPS-S, VPS-M or VPS-L (the standard line of our VPS product), you may want to upgrade to Debian Lenny (5.0). It should be a simple task – just follow the guidelines from Debian when you do it. You may run into problems with libc6, and this link discusses the problem, and also has a solution.

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New productsite launched – vpsforce.eu

Today we’re proud to announce, that we have launched our first, productspecific website: VPSForce. This is the site you want to go to, if you need to rent a Virtual Private Server – wether it’s Linux or Windows based. You get full access (root on Linux and Administrator on Windows), and you’re free to install whatever you want on it, as long as it’s not illegal.

Those of you who already have rented a VPS from us know, ...

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New status site up

We have finally got a status site up, where you can get info about the status of our network, products and services. The site can be seen at http://status.fab-it.dk

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New productspecific site coming soon

I’m very excited to say, that we’ll launch a new website, dedicated to one specific product, soon. It will be a very simple site, but also have a strong indication in which direction we’re heading.

So, keep following us here on the blog, and you’ll see the announcement soon!

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Fun with words…

In a post on 37signals blog I got to know the Wordcloud creating tool called Wordle. I tried to take the text from the frontpage of our website and make a cloud of it, and this is the result:

This shows that the word “Windows” is mentioned a lot in the text, along with the word “server” – scary!

Just for the fun of it, I also ...

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San Diego Sunset

While it’s the first time I’m attending the LISA conference, It’s always the first time I’m visiting the United States, and I’ve planned the trip so that I have some time to see the town and hopefully snap some good pictures.

Yesterday I went to Pacific Beach to see the sunset, and I shot some HDR material that I’ve done some quick work on, and here a 3 of the results:

As you can see, I unfortunately haven’t brought a tripod with ...

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LISA08 Day 3

You might wonder why I haven’t covered day 2 of the conference, but actually i had a “day off” yesterday – I wasn’t attending anything. Instead I went to the fitness center to do a workout in the morning, and in the afternoon I took the local trolley to The Old Town and a bus from there to Pacific Beach, where I had a nice view of the sunset. Quite nice.

Today was a more “heavy” training day. In the morning ...

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